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No ano de 2000, a banda recebe um convite para participar de um projeto baseado na obra de Willian Shakespeare, "Hamlet", financiado pela Die Hard Records. A banda grava a faixa "Good bye my dear Ophelia” Primeira gravação sem o baixista/vocalista Alexandre, marcando a estréia de Leandro Caçoilo nos vocais e Jason Freitas no baixo

Good Bye My Dear Ophelia 
(letra não disponível no encarte do CD Terra Nova) 

Wherefore didst thou mutilate rituals?
A poor soul hath taken away her own life?
And wherefore doth my mother goes along
With hurricane eye?

It's hard to believe what I see
Art not these many danger knifed in
My body enough for my very sins?
And now, one more, mixture of
Tears, pain and blood.

Oh dear Ophelia
Wherefore hast abandoned this heart?
Crazy and far away I know I was
But I had to pretend madness to act

I never lost my reasontill now
It's gone, maybe in thy funeral
If I'm right, thou shalt become an angel
With great wings thy love I shalt protect

Because now, in the direction of the results of my play I'll walk
I must return to the old state, full of reason
Yet I'll never forget what once I said thee
Let all couples live, I'm the only single
Till death guide me to thy arm, good bye my dear Ophelia
Art the stars on fire? Doth the sun hast movement?
Doth the moon hast it's own shine?
Thou canst doubt these things
But wherever thou art, do never doubt on my love
Good bye.

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